Thursday, November 12, 2009

11,000 Days...

Last Tuesday, 10th November, 2009, marked a milestone for me: It was my 11,000th day on this planet! That's right, I've been around the axis of the Earth 11,000 times. Compare that to the mere 30.12 times I've been around the Sun and it starts sounding a lot more impressive.

With 1,000 days working out to just under 2 years and 9 months, it means that my 10,000th day passed by, unnoticed, on the 14th February, 2007. Looking back, about the only thing of note that happened then, was that it was roughly when I started reading Lovecraft. I ordered the book, H. P. Lovecraft: Tales (Library of America), from Amazon on the 7th January that year, so it would have arrived around the start of February. I don't know the exact date of arrival, but I still think it's quite a cool coincidence.

The average male lifespan in Australia is approximately 29,000 days, which means that I'm only about 38% of the way through my life. I'll most certainly be looking forward to the remaining 18,000!