Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Lapsing of Time

Not everyone may know this, by I am a Photographer by trade. I am not currently working in said profession, but I do still enjoy dabbling when the chance arises. My latest purchase was a time-lapse controller, and I've spent the last few weeks learning how to utilise this new tool.


The day the remote arrived, I set up my camera pointing out of my study window while I went to work. This is what resulted:

There are several problems with first attempt. But it was more a test of the remote's use than anything artistic, so I wasn't too concerned.


This next video was my first actual artistic test. Shot from the back of my house, I let the camera run from about midnight to midday, and then clipped it to the most interesting segment--that being sunrise:

Unfortunately, it was an overcast day, so it wasn't an overly dynamic scene. Another mistake I made was to use auto white-balance, which made the colouring flicker.


Looking for a more dynamic scene, I found a day that had sporadic cloud-cover, and set my camera out in the backyard:

My only complaint with this attempt was that I think it's a little too fast.

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Unhappy with my last attempt at a sunrise time-lapse, I jumped at the first cloudless night I had, and once again set my camera pointing out the back room window:

I was a lot happier with this one. You can see the stars setting and the sun creeping its way across the landscape.

Getting Creative...

Finally happy with my understanding of the process, I decided it was time to try some creative applications whilst on vacation. The first was a sunset:

I got really lucky with this one, in that there were sailing boats passing by in the foreground, adding that little bit of excitement to the scene.

The next was taken from our room's balcony:

I really like the motion of the cars in this one. Not only can you see them flying by in the foreground, but you can see them coming down the hill in the background. On top of that, the waves coming in make the whole scene feel alive. I couldn't have been more happy with how it turned out.

Where To Now?

I haven't had any ideas lately of where to go next, but then again, I have started back at work and have been focusing on getting to the gym and writing in my free time, so haven't been actively brainstorming. I think I would like to try something with my macro lens next. Possibly a plant, or the clich├ęd melting ice cubes? Who knows...