Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Top 10 Comic Characters

Every comic reader has their favourite characters and I think you can tell a lot about a person from who they are. Here are mine:

10. Emma Frost

This slot was actually tied with Ms. Marvel. While both are sexy, powerful woman, Emma won out because she also commands authority, which is a huge plus when working in a team such as the X-Men.

9. Rocket Raccoon

I'd never heard of Rocket until my recent foray into Guardians of the Galaxy, but he quickly grew to be a favourite. His role is purely comedic--he's witty and smart-assed with a serious case of short-man syndrome. This is also played up by the fact that he often totes massively-oversized guns. He's just an overall fun character.

8. Beast

Beast (along with Gambit) is one of those characters that I've liked since watching the X-Men cartoon all those years ago. He is primarily a man of science--one of the Marvel universe's smartest people--and yet possesses great strength and ferocity, which he only uses as a last resort. It's this contrast of brains vs brawn that make him an interesting character to me.

7. Daredevil

The fact that Daredevil is blind automatically makes him unique, but then you add in his enhanced senses--including an extra radar sense--and you've got yourself one interesting character.

6. Hawkeye

Besides being really good at firing arrows, there's nothing "super" about Hawkeye. Sure he can hold his own in a fight, but it's his array of "trick arrows" that make him interesting to me. The only limitation to their variety, is the writer's imagination.

5. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is capable of almost anything with his magic, which many people see as a negative due to its deus ex machina implications. However, this is not a flaw of the character, but rather his writers. A decent writer will write their story to serve his powers, not the other way around.

4. Man-Thing

Man-Thing is only a recent addition to this list, after having read the latest iteration of Thunderbolts. What makes him cool? Well, for a start, he's practically immortal. He can be destroyed, but as long as there is plant matter around, he will just reform (I haven't read any of his older stuff yet, but I believe that even if he did "die", he would just be resurrected back at his swamp). The thing I most like about him though, is his stoic nature. You never know what he's thinking, which is intriguing, and despite his monstrous appearance, he always does what's right.

3. Spider-Man

Everyone loves the web-head, and for good reason--he covers all the bases. He has unique and interesting powers, he's witty, but more importantly, he's flawed and makes mistakes. This makes him both relateable and exciting.

2. Hulk

Hulk was the character that lured me into reading comics. It may sound strange, but I can relate to him. I won't go into the details here, but let's just say that there are many times I've just wanted people to leave me alone.

1. Moon Knight

Despite Bendis completely ruining the character that is Moon Knight, his past ventures are enough to keep him as my favourite character. It was Huston's run that caught my attention, and is still the best to date. R.I.P. poor Moon Knight. Hopefully once Bendis is through with you, a better writer will resurrect you to your former glory.

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