Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Top 10 Comics of 2011

As someone who was basically just a Marvel-reader at the end of 2010, the year of 2011 has been a big turning point as Marvel now take up less than half of my pull list. So which Marvel titles remain? Which other titles made the cut? Let's see, shall we...

10. Red Lanterns (DC)

Before reading any DC, I knew that there were other colours of Lanterns than Green, but I knew nothing of who they were or what they did. I'm not sure why the Red Lanterns were the only ones to get their own series, but I'm glad they did. It's chock-full of brainless action—which I love—but behind this there is also a burgeoning story of trust and betrayal that is enough to keep me hooked and coming back for more. With the changes made to Bleez, she has become one of my new favourite comic characters.

9. Secret Avengers (Marvel)

I'll be honest, the reason I love this series is due to Moon Knight's presence. Sure he has his own solo series, but as you will have read in my reviews, that is not really Moon Knight but The Insane Cosplay-Man. The Moon Knight featured in Secret Avengers, however, is the real deal. It also helps that it features another favourite of mine, Beast, and is well-written... but mostly it's just Moon Knight.

8. Aquaman (DC)

I admit, before The New 52, I was of the Superfriends mindset that Aquaman was lame and useless, but right from the get-go, Geoff Johns' new series had me. Sure it was a self-parody, but each "joke" was answered with a display of awesomeness. I felt issue #4 slumped a little, but only due to its ramped-up pacing, and I have high hopes that Johns will continue the series as the fun ride it has been.

7. Daredevil (Marvel)

I've always thought Daredevil was an interesting character and yet I'd never found any of his stories to be particularly interesting. This all changed when his series was relaunched this year. The art is fun, as are the stories, and most interestingly, we get to see Matt's powers in different ways. No longer dark and depressing, Daredevil is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters.

6. Red Hood and the Outlaws (DC)

Once again, I had never even heard of any of these characters before the relaunch, and once again, they have become favourites. Well, Jason Todd has anyway. Since discovering this series, I have watched the "Under The Red Hood" animation and bought the trade it was based off, as well as "The Lost Days". I like that he's so similar to Batman and yet has no qualms about using guns or killing. He's a true anti-hero, which I love.

5. Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (Marvel)

There's not much I can say about this series that I haven't before. It is beautiful, well-written, and well worth reading if you aren't already.

4. The Flash (DC)

As I've mentioned before, The Flash is my favourite DC character, and this series has done nothing to convince me otherwise. The art is amazing and the story that is unfolding feels fresh and interesting. I think Barry will remain my favourite for a long time to come.

3. Thunderbolts (Marvel)

As I said in my "Best of..." list, I jumped into Thunderbolts at #144 when Luke Cage took over as leader, and I have enjoyed the ride ever since. The team has fluctuated since then, but there has never been a time when I've felt like a character's addition or subtraction was unjustified or gimmicky. Jeff Parker is doing such a great job with the series and I have faith that he will continue this through 2012.

2. Batman (DC)

What can I say about this series but, "Wow!" If Batman was DC's top player before the relaunch, then this series has just raised the bar forever. I'd always had a liking for Batman, but never so much as to chase down his comics. Scott Snyder's Batman changed all that after only the first issue. The mystery that is unravelling before us is exciting and new and is brought to life perfectly by Capullo's amazing art. This series would have been #1 if it wasn't for Jim Lee being on...

1. Justice League (DC)

I see Justice League as the comic book world's summer Hollywood blockbuster. Yes, there are better stories out there, but this book tops my list because it is over-the-top action and has all the big names. Not just the creators, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, but all the top DC characters, together in a single book. Once Lee's tenure has passed, this title will no doubt drop down the list, but until that day comes, it's staying right where it is, at the top.

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  1. Weren't a big fan of Bendis's DD huh? Neither was I. The relaunch has been amazing. Now, about Batman I feel that there are way too many talking head panels (and pages for that matter).