Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Top 10 Marvel Characters (2013)

Like most things in life, a person's favourite things are constantly evolving, and comic characters are no different. Unlike my previous list, I'm going back to doing a separate Marvel list, simply because I love so damn many of their characters. Also unlike the previous lists, I'm not sorting this one, and just leaving it alphabetic. It's just too hard to say who's better than who... although Moon Knight will always be on top ;)


Beast has been a favourite since the 90's when I was watching the animated series.


Daredevil is a fairly recent addition. Despite hating the Ben Affleck movie, it made me like the character.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is an anomaly on this list as I generally hate magicians. I think the reason Strange is different it that beneath it all, he is quite a flawed character.


Hellcat is another fairly new discovery for me. I discovered her while researching Hulk and Doctor Strange, and hence, finding The Defenders.


Do I really need to say anything about Hulk at this point? :)


I'm still not entirely sure of Man-Thing's standing in the Marvel Universe, but I've heard that he's returning soon in Savage Wolverine, which is pretty exciting.

Moon Knight

I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of my Moon Knight obsession by now :P

Ms. Marvel

I'm adding Ms. Marvel to this list and not her current moniker, Captain Marvel, as I think her new incarnation is just terrible. I tried reading her latest series, but it was just nowhere near as good as the old Ms. Marvel, I'm sorry to say.

Rachel Grey

Rachel's another new discovery. I first learned of her when reading Wolverine and The X-Men and she's been a favourite ever since.


This one's pretty obvious, right? :)

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